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"Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model. "

- Vincent Van Gogn

gourd series


葫芦(húlu) Lagenaria siceraria; bottle gourd; calabash; cucurbit n. A gourd is a plant of liana. Ancient Chinese regarded the gourd to be a symbol of prosperity as it is prolific in fruits and seeds. It is also believed to be a charm to ward off evil spirits and disease, as well as a symbol of longevity.  The shape of Hulu is believed to represent heaven and earth.  By using it, the union of earth, heaven and mankind are manifested.

This series is an ongoing creation since 2005.  The idea is rooted deeply in my childhood fascination in possessing the magic gourd - a character from the children's story 'The Secret of the Magic Gourd' , written by Chinese author 张天翼 (Zhang Tianyi), published in 1958.

Materials used: various clays, glazes, decals, lusters, and gold pen. Firing: electric or gas-fired to1200 - 1300 °C.

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